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Obituary for Geraldine Mead-Johnson

John and Stella Klepacki emigrated from Poland and began to plant seeds in the soil of New York City, when, in the midst of a fairly hot summer, their prize bloom sprang forth on July 27, 1943: Geraldine, more affectionately known as “Geri.”

Geri was John and Stella’s only child and was certainly a daughter of this teeming metropolis. She lived above a pizzeria in Alphabet City. Her mother often pushed baby Geri in a stroller through Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. She ultimately settled down in Stuyvesant Town, just a stone’s throw away from her childhood home. In fact, Geri’s first job after completing commercial school was at New York Life.

New Yorkers are famously known for their no-nonsense attitude, creativity, and kind hearts. Geri undoubtedly embodied these attributes. Throughout her rewarding, multi-decade career as an administrative assistant, she commanded respect and diligently contributed to her teams. She ultimately capped off her professional journey with the top bank in the European Union, BNP Paribas.

In addition to being an avid reader of fiction, especially the books of James Patterson, Geri explored her own artistic pursuits by creating greeting cards. She relished visiting craft stores to procure art supplies in order to distill warm wishes into the fixed form. In truth, the warmth that she captured in those cards was one of Geri’s hallmarks: ask any of her friends, family members, neighbors, or health care providers. They would invariably attest that Geri was a “people’s person.” She embraced so many with her kind eyes, sparkling smile, ebullient laugh, and sharp sense of humor.

Geri found love with Kenrick (Ken) Johnson and they married on August 25, 2008. As a member of the Johnson clan, she became fascinated with Ken’s homeland of Guyana. During her visit there in 2012, she saw Parika, the mighty Kaieteur Falls, Linden, the Corentyne, and crossed the border into Suriname. It was an itinerary that might be enviable to even a native Guyanese. Geri was so enamored by the Guyanese culture, flora, and fauna that she cheekily started to hatch a plan to evade the airport exit tax with the hopes of staying just a little while longer. On her return, she would vividly recount her trip by sharing details on everything from the village of Vreed-en-Hoop to the delicious cuisine of local chef “Karilla Pam.” Ken and Geri also made memories with their travels to the Bahamas, Myrtle Beach, St. Thomas, Bermuda, and Nova Scotia.

Geri will be fondly remembered by her husband Ken, her stepson Regis, and a host of friends and family. Hers was indeed a New York life – and it was well lived.